Thank-you Lego (from Henry)

Our four year-old, Henry, has become a devotee of what he calls “little lego” and will spend hours assembling and dis-assembling his mixer truck. However, the pieces are very small and, despite constant parental efforts to ensure everything is carefully packed away, there was always a risk that something would go missing.

Sure enough, about a week ago Henry was rather distressed to discover that he had lost a tiny cog (pictured here), which meant that the mixer would no longer be able to turn. So I hopped online to see if there werTiny Lego Coge any local retailers stocking spare parts. I didn’t have much luck at first, but then turned to Lego’s own site and found their Replacement Parts page. I quickly found the correct part, filled in my details, and that was that. I was not quite sure what to expect. After all, almost a year ago we returned some Thomas the Tank Engine pieces to Learning Curve after a product recall with promises of replacement parts that never eventuated. So, I was very pleasantly surprised to receive the following letter in the post today:

I’m sorry to hear your LEGO® piece needs replacing. We get to play with LEGO sets all day long (the best job in the world?), so I know that sometimes a piece wears out or gets lost.

That’s why I’ve asked for a replacement piece to be put in with this letter. We always try to match the colour you want, but sometimes stocks run low, so we might have to send you a different one.

Thanks again for getting in touch.

Happy building!

Inside the envelope was one small cog (at no cost). That is what I call excellent customer service. Well done Lego, you have made Henry very happy!

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