Taking It Too Far: Verb and Adjective Clouds

I will freely admit that I am now going overboard, but commenter Lettuce All Rejoice asked what the Rudd word cloud would look like if it was broken down into nouns, verbs and adjectives. Fortunately, the Stanford Natural Language Processing Group make a statistical parser freely available for download. So, I used this to parse the speeches of Rudd and Turnbull and then filter for different parts of speech. Since the original word clouds featured nouns so prominently, I will restrict myself to verbs and adjectives here. After this I am done with word clouds. For now at least.

Wordle: Rudd VerbsRudd Verb Cloud

Wordle: Turnbull verb cloudTurnbull Verb Cloud

Wordle: Rudd Adjective CloudRudd Adjective Cloud

Wordle: Turnbull adjective cloud
Turnbull Adjective Cloud

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