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Following on from the last post on the Hottest 100, I received a few tweets from @mjdart demanding a deeper dive into the data. One of his questions was

Of artists charting in at least 5 yrs, are Oz artists higher represented?

I decided to broaden the questions to look at artists with at least five tracks in Hottest 100s (so artists with two tracks in one year and one track in three other years would be in). On this criterion, Australia still comes out on top.

Number of artists with at least 5 “Hot” tracks

In the last post, I complained that 2010 data is currently missing from Wikipedia. It seems that this is because Wikipedia is yet to get permission from the ABC. I have decided to risk the wrath of Auntie and have posted the full chart in the table at the bottom of the post. Having pieced it together, I have updated my original chart to include 2010.

As you can see, 2010 was a good year for Australian artists. It also turns out that the artist with the most Hottest 100 tracks is also Australian: Powderfinger. Here are all the artists with at least 10 Hottest 100 tracks.

Artist Count Country
Powderfinger 22 Australia
Foo Fighters 20 United States
Grinspoon 17 Australia
Silverchair 17 Australia
Muse 16 United Kingdom
The Living End 16 Australia
Regurgitator 15 Australia
Pearl Jam 14 United States
Placebo 14 United Kingdom
You Am I 14 Australia
Green Day 13 United States
Something for Kate 13 Australia
Eskimo Joe 12 Australia
Garbage 12 United States
Red Hot Chili Peppers 12 United States
Hilltop Hoods 11 Australia
Radiohead 11 United Kingdom
Spiderbait 11 Australia
The White Stripes 11 United States
The Whitlams 11 Australia
Wolfmother 11 Australia
Beck 10 United States
Ben Harper 10 United States
Jebediah 10 Australia
Metallica 10 United States
Rage Against the Machine 10 United States
The Strokes 10 United States


@mjdart asked another question which I thought I should also answer:

@stubbornmule If you assign 100 pts for #1 thru 1 pt for #100 each year, is Oz proportion higher/lower? eg Oz filling out top or bottom 50?

To answer this, I assigned 100 points for the top spot, 99 points for the second and so on down to one point for last place. I summed the score for each country and then scaled it by dividing by 50.5. This odd choice arises because 100 + 99 + 98 + … + 2 + 1 = 5050 and so dividing by 50.5 would give a score of 100 for a country that managed to win every spot in the top 100. This makes the score directly comparable to a simple count of places in the top 100. So, how does this weighted score compare to a simple count? The answer, evident in the chart below is not much! So, each country’s artists must be fairly evenly spread through the top 100 over time.

Finally, here is the complete listing of the 2010 Hottest 100, including country of origin. If you are feeling brave, you may wish to update Wikipedia. Just keep in mind, the list may be deleted again if the ABC does not provide permission for the list to be published!

1Big Jet planeAngus & Julia StoneAustralia
2Rock ItLittle RedAustralia
3Dance The Way I FeelOu Est Le Swimming PoolEngland
4PlansBirds Of TokyoAustralia
5Fall At Your FeetBoy & BearAustralia
6Teenage CrimeAdrian LuxSweden
7Fuck You!Cee Lo GreenUnited States
8Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)The WombatsEngland
9Magic FountainArt Vs. ScienceAustralia
10Somebody To Love Me {Ft. Boy George & Andrew Wyatt}Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.England
11ABC News Theme {Remix}PendulumAustralia
13Clap Your HandsSiaAustralia
14Runaway {Ft. Pusha T}Kanye WestUnited States
15Barbara StreisandDuck SauceUnited States
16Mace SprayThe JezabelsAustralia
17Bang Bang Bang {Ft. MNDR & Q-Tip}Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.England
18There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t FightCloud ControlAustralia
19Crave You {Ft. Giselle}Flight FacilitiesAustralia
20Sunday BestWashingtonAustralia
21Undercover MartynUTwo Door Cinema ClubNorthern Ireland
22JellylegsChildren CollideAustralia
23AddictedBliss N EsoAustralia
24Talking Like I’m Falling Down StairsSparkadiaAustralia
25Eyes Wide OpenGotyeAustralia
26Not In Love {Ft. Robert Smith}Crystal CastlesCanada
27You’ve Got The Dirtee Love {Live}Florence & The Machine/Dizzee RascalEngland
28Radar DetectorDarwin DeezUnited States
29It Can Wait {Ft. Owl Eyes}IllyAustralia
30O.N.EYeasayerUnited States
31Bloodbuzz OhioThe NationalUnited States
32Pumped Up KicksFoster The PeopleUnited States
33Solitude Is BlissTame ImpalaAustralia
34Punching In A DreamThe Naked And FamousNew Zealand
35The Bike Song {Ft. Kyle Falconer & Spank Rock}Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.England
36Opposite Of AdultsChiddy BangUnited States
37Doncamatic {Ft. Daley}GorillazEngland
38Young BloodThe Naked And FamousNew Zealand
39RevolutionJohn Butler TrioAustralia
40Baby, I’m Getting BetterGyroscopeAustralia
41Down By The RiverBliss N EsoAustralia
42On Melancholy HillGorillazEngland
43We No Speak AmericanoYolanda Be CoolAustralia
44BaptismCrystal CastlesCanada
45Rabbit SongBoy & BearAustralia
46Way Back HomeBag RaidersAustralia
47Wild At HeartBirds Of TokyoAustralia
49Easy To LoveThe JezabelsAustralia
50One Life StandHot ChipEngland
51AmblingYeasayerUnited States
52OverpassThe John Steel SingersAustralia
53ReflectionsBliss N EsoAustralia
54Holidays {Ft. Alan Palomo}Miami HorrorAustralia
55Giving Up The GunVampire WeekendUnited States
56Bring NightSiaAustralia
58The SuburbsArcade FireCanada
59Rich KidsWashingtonAustralia
60My EagleChildren CollideAustralia
61Jackson’s Last StandOu Est Le Swimming PoolEngland
62Hold OnAngus and Julia StoneAustralia
63Ready To StartArcade FireCanada
64Jona VarkGypsy & The CatAustralia
65One StepDead Letter CircusAustralia
66Audience =Cold War KidsUnited States
67HolidayVampire WeekendUnited States
68Dog {Ft. Lisa Mitchell}Andy BullAustralia
70Paper RomanceGroove ArmadaEngland
71Piper’s SongGypsy & The CatAustralia
72I Can TalkTwo Door Cinema ClubNorthern Ireland
73Time To WanderGypsy & The CatAustralia
74LucidityTame ImpalaAustralia
75Coming Around Hungry Kids Of HungaryAustralia
76RadioactivedKings Of LeonUnited States
77Shutterbugg {Ft. Cutty}Big BoiUnited States
78Stylo {Ft. Bobby Womack and Mos Def}GorillazEngland
79Slow Motion Slow MotionLittle RedAustralia
80Howlin’ For You Howlin’ For YouThe Black KeysUnited States
81Echoes EchoesKlaxonsEngland
82Tighten Up Tighten UpThe Black KeysUnited States
83Modern Man Modern ManArcade FireCanada
84The Hardest Part The Hardest PartWashingtonAustralia
85I Feel Better I Feel BetterHot ChipEngland
86Queensland QueenslandEvil EddieAustralia
87The Saddest Thing I Know The Saddest Thing I KnowBirds Of TokyoAustralia
88Monster {Ft. JAY-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver}Kanye WestUnited States
89Barricade BarricadeInterpolUnited States
90Finally See Our Way Finally See Our WayArt Vs. ScienceAustralia
91Northcote (So Hungover)The Bedroom PhilosopherAustralia
92I Can ChangeI Can ChangeLCD SoundsystemUnited States
93Anyone’s Ghost Anyone’s GhostThe NationalUnited States
94Time To Smile Time To SmileXavier RuddAustralia
95The High Road The High RoadBroken BellsUnited States
96Go Do Go DoJonsiIceland
97SleepwalkerParkway DriveAustralia
98Spanish SaharaFoalsEngland
99BigBigDead Letter CircusAustralia
100Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)MuseEngland

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