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Twitter’s Growth

18 July 2008

The TwitDir site catalogues users on the twitter social networking site and provides a search directory, making it easier to find people on twitter. It also reports the total number of twitter users it has indexed in its database. The Twitter Facts blog has been using this figure over the last year to track twitter’s […]

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Can I trust MtGox with my passport?

12 June 2013

In March 2013, the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCen”) published a statement saying that companies which facilitate buying and selling of “virtual” currencies like Bitcoin constitute “money service businesses” and are subject to reporting obligations designed to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes. A couple of months later, the seizure by US authorities of Liberty Reserve has shaken money service […]

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Unfounded liability

20 May 2013

Today a tweet from “Australia’s most idiosyncratic economist” Christopher Joye caught my eye. I followed the link and found a scaremongering article trying to whip up concerns about Australia’s levels of government debt. A key part of Joye’s argument is to accuse the government of creative accounting by including Future Fund assets in the calculation […]

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Benford’s Law

16 April 2012

Here is a quick quiz. If you visit the Wikipedia page List of countries by GDP, you will find three lists ranking the countries of the world in terms of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP), each list corresponding to a different source of the data. If you pick the list according to the CIA (let’s […]

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More on the Hottest 100

27 January 2012

Following on from the last post on the Hottest 100, I received a few tweets from @mjdart demanding a deeper dive into the data. One of his questions was Of artists charting in at least 5 yrs, are Oz artists higher represented? I decided to broaden the questions to look at artists with at least […]

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Who is the Mule?

3 December 2010

I’m a Sydney-sider, father of three, gadget-aficionado, music-lover and I work in the financial markets. This blog reflects these and other interests, but of late has been developing a particular focus on data visualization…or graphs, for those who don’t like fancy language. The Mule is on twitter: @stubbornmule and, better still, is in the Mule […]

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Coffee day 1

2 December 2010

As promised, I spent the day today “live-tweeting” the first day of the CofFEE conference. However, I was more than outdone by Bill Mitchell. As well as hosting the conference and giving the final presentation of the day, he has already posted a wrap-up of the day. The first few sessions focused on specific employment […]

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Coffee meeting

30 November 2010

No, I’m not writing this post over a macchiato. The title of the post has nothing to do with caffeinated beverages. Rather, it refers to the annual conference of “CofFEE”, the Centre of Full Employment and Equity, a research centre at the University of Newcastle. The director of the center is Bill Mitchell, who may […]

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Do your block in!

25 November 2010

Sydney’s property market is a subject that has found its way onto the Stubborn Mule more than once. In this post, regular guest contributor Zebra (James Glover) manages to combine property and television with some now-traditional beer coaster calculations. Channel 9’s high rating renovation show The Block just finished its successful second series on Wednesday […]

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Sister can I lend you a dime?

15 November 2010

Today’s post is written by Zebra (James Glover), an occasional contributor to the Stubborn Mule, who turns his mind this time to microcredit, and the internet lending site Kiva. Dolly lives in a mobile home and works in the fast food industry. I met her on the internet 5 weeks ago and almost immediately I […]

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