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Image searches

This week’s edition of Media Watch, “Pixelating protects identity? Think again“, examines the threat image search engines pose to anonymity. Drop a disguised photo into Google images and the chances are you will find the original in the search results.

Intrigued, I thought I would try it out. The pixellated the photo of Tom Waits was my second test. The first image I found to try was a golden pyramid. (It is from a presentation I recently pulled together on cognitive dissonance, but that is unlikely to be a helpful explanation).


In this case the search results came close to being artistic: an impressive array of alternative golden pyramids.


I can see that Google images could be rather fun.

Sculptures by the Sea

It has been quite a long time since art was the subject of a post here on the Mule, but today we took the kids to see Sculptures by the Sea. Held each year, this exhibition consists of a series of large sculptures arranged along the coast from Bondi beach to beach. As usual, parking was challenging, but as usual, the effort was worthwhile. We did not make it along the full length of the exhibition (small legs got a bit too tired), but there were some excellent pieces. The family favourite was, without a doubt, the magnificent stag. Here are a few photos.

2042: Art on the Street

It’s time for a break from watching the financial markets implode. Instead, this post will focus on the arts, Newtown-style. Every year, the shops of Newtown become an extended gallery exhibiting the works of young Australian artists. Or at least, that’s how I describe it. According to the City of Sydney website, the aim of the exercise is “to combat the exclusivity fostered by institutional gallery spaces”. In years gone by, the exhibition was called “Walking the Streets”, but this year it goes by the name “2042: Art on the Street”. For those who are not local, 2042 is the postcode of Newtown and the immediate surrounds.

Being locals, Henry, my five year-old son, and I took a walk up King Street today to look at some of the works on show. Inspired by the blog Nosey in Newtown, we decided we would document the event, so we set off both armed with cameras. The undoubted favourite was the sculpture of giant ants beginning to rip into a car.

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