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Job guarantee on “Mule Bites”

It’s official! The Mule Bites podcast has been launched.

Regular readers will know that I travelled to Newcastle at the beginning of the month for the 12th annual CofFEE conference. Conference organiser and director of CofFEE, Professor Bill Mitchell, was kind enough to allow me to interview him after the conference. Fortunately, a couple of failed attempts to get the recorder to work did not exhaust Bill’s patience and I ended up with about half an hour of audio covering both Bill’s idea of a “job guarantee” to achieve full employment and a discussion of the nature of money. The workings of fiat money is a subject I have discussed a number of times here on the blog, so I thought that the job guarantee would make a good first podcast topic.

For those not satisfied with the 16 minutes in this podcast, I am planning another episode with the money discussion and will also make the full, unedited interview available.

Audio credits: Mule Bites theme by ToastCorp, train sounds CC by Robinhood76.

UPDATE: there were some balance problems in the audio mix, which have now been improved. Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming! I am well on my way to learning basic audio engineering.