Mule Stable demo video

Last weekend, the Mule Stable* was launched as a forum for discussions that may tie in to topics here on the Stubborn Mule, and then again may not. A number of discussion groups have already been set up there, including groups on modern monetary theory (aka chartalism), economics, and politics.

For anyone already familiar with the twitter social network, finding your way around the Stable will be breeze. But for those less familiar with the conventions, here is an introductory video showing you how to get started on the Stable. Keep an eye out for more videos explaining more advance tips and tricks you can use at the Stable, and don’t forget to sign up and join in!

If you are finding this video a bit too small, there is a larger screen version.

* Thanks again to the StatusNet developers responsible for the software that powers the Stable.

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5 thoughts on “Mule Stable demo video

  1. Marco

    Gee Stubborn, many thanks.

    But I can’t help feeling a bit responsible for giving you all this trouble…

    In any case, greatly appreciated.

  2. Stubborn Mule Post author

    Marco: don’t worry, you are far from the only visitor to the Mule unfamiliar with the conventions used on twitter and similar sites like the Stable. And of course, it was fun making the video.

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