Recognise this?

Last night I was watching the Chaser’s Yes We Canberra (only a day late), and jumped out of my chair when I saw Craig Reucassel corner Tony Abbott to challenge him about his obsession with reducing Government debt. Have a look at this to see why!

Here is the post referred to in the video.

UPDATE: here’s a tweet from Craig on the topic of attribution (or lack thereof):

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11 thoughts on “Recognise this?

  1. Stilgherrian

    So, the question becomes, did you get a program credit as a researcher? Because there certainly wasn’t a credit line on-screen or on the piece of cardboard. Enquiries shall be made…

  2. Stubborn Mule Post author

    I only watched to the start of Lateline, which runs straight on from YWC. I don’t know if there were credits after that.

    At least they can’t be too upset about me sticking the excerpt on youtube!

  3. Marco aka Cracticus

    Cool, man!

    Actually, your @sean avatar honestly reminds me of one of the Chasers’ guys (cross my heart and wish to die).

    Who knows, a TV credit now; then, a guest appearance, and, in no time… Mule TV!

  4. Marco aka Cracticus

    Then, you’ll have to learn.

    And the video clip gives you the first lesson:

    Tony A: “and… and… and… and… and…”

    That’s what you DON’T say when you want to appear funny and clever. :D

  5. SSainsbury

    I have heard the quote “and… and… and… and… and…” as a sound bite many times as an example of him being stumped for words. Credit to Stubborn Mule.

  6. Noric Dilanchian

    The mule bucks! Well done. Credit would be nice. And technically you are also entitled to claim breach of copyright. But don’t, ’cause that’s how the mule will keep buckin’.

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