No Alternative View of Dubai

Back in April, I announced that the Mule was to be graced with a guest post providing an alternative, more positive picture of Dubai than the one painted by The Independent. Sad to say, although written, the piece is not going to see the light of day. My guest poster’s employer has ruled out any scope for publishing the piece, even if it is done anonymously.This experience suggests to me that on the score of openness at least, Dubai does not do well!

I was excited at the prospect of the occasional different voice here on the Mule, so if anyone has something they are itching to share with the world, let me know. There could be a guest spot for someone here yet!

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2 thoughts on “No Alternative View of Dubai

  1. earl

    Well, let the avalanche begin. Dont know if you want to stick with the GFC (aka GD2) from the angle of how the banks still havent learnt and how they are going to take us deeper into it or not (ie they will be awash with money and no-where to put it etc). Or whether, on a lighter note a general observation on how woman/sister hood has perpetrated the greatest guilt trip of all time on us mere males with regard to the toilet seat being left up -and ways for we the brothers to counter this unashamed attempt at emasculation? Hows that for extremes of the pendulum?.

  2. stubbornmule Post author

    Funny you should mention the toilet seats. We moved house recently and the previous owners saw fit to install toilet seats which simply will not stay up. Perhaps it was to enforce good behaviour on the males of the househould, but with a family of little boys these toilet seats pose significant risks!

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