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dubai-smallI’m hoping to try something a little bit different here on the Stubborn Mule: a guest post.

But first some background. Recently I came across this article in the Independent exploring the “dark side” of Dubai. It paints a very grim picture of massive crumbling developments, environmental degredation, Western ex-pats who either revel in luxury or are thrown into debtors prison and a society built on the backs of an immigrant sub-class of near slaves. I know very little about Dubai, or the rest of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for that matter, but found the article a compelling read. So, as usual, I shared the link with my social networks on twitter* and Facebook. This drew an immediate response from a friend who has lived in the UAE who thought it painted a very distorted picture of Dubai. So, I have offered her a guest spot here on the Mule to present an alternative perspective.

So, with any luck you’ll be reading the first guest post here very soon.

UPDATE: the article is written, but waiting on clearance. Fingers crossed!

FURTHER UPDATE: sad to say it looks as though the piece is not going to see the light of day. My guest poster’s employer has ruled out any scope for publishing the piece, even if it is done anonymously. It was to have given a more positive picture of Dubai, but the experience suggests to me that on the score of openness at least, Dubai does not do well!

* In fact, I suspect that I came across the article on twitter in the first place.

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